As part of your membership, we work alongside you to develop your CSR strategy. We can provide regular meetings and workshops to ensure your business in achieving its CSR goal and maximising the benefits of its membership.

We have worked alongside the third sector for 25 years so no one is better placed to support in building links for your business to the local third sector.

Wirral Connect has long experience of providing tailored support to assist growing charities and social enterprises within the Wirral region.

Over the past three years Wirral Connect have delivered a highly successful ERDF project which focused on the provision of growth support to social business within the Wirral region.

Key support was provided in:

  • Growth / Business Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Identifying sources of finance
  • Commercial Development
  • Recruitment
  • Trading Subsidiary Planning


Within this period Wirral Connect supported the creation of many jobs within the local Wirral community supporting social business to develop to an extent were they could employ more members of staff.

We specialise in providing realistic advice based on experience and local market is key to the success of any third sector model must be a sound financial plan. We can support you to develop a sustainable structure.

All of our services are delivered personalised to both individual and organisation and we are specialist in third sector / social enterprise only.

Please get in touch if we could help you grow your organisation:

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0151 647 5432