Achieve the Mark

In order for organisations to achieve the mark they must go through the Corporate Connections quality assurance procedure, ensuring the organisation is ethical and has a keen interest and commitment to supporting the local community. This process has been developed to ensure only organisations who have a keen dedication to the local community can acheive the mark.

Stage 1:  Organisation registers interest for quality mark

Stage 2:  Organisation will receive a phone call from a Corporate Connections Assessor to go through the quality assurance / community pledge protocols.

Stage 3:  Organisation to complete Corporate Connections Assessment Tool / Community Pledge

Stage 4:  Organisation to receive an on-site visit from Corporate Connections Assessor

Stage 5:  Organisation is provided with evaluation report of visit which will provide overall outcome of Quality Assurance Process

Stage 6:  Organisation formally provided with Corporate Connections Quality Mark at official ceremony.

Stage 7:  Organisation provided with quality mark and added to the approved business directory.


Membership to the Corporate Connections Quality Mark scheme is reviewed annually. An initial Organisation approval fee is developed bespoke to each organisations needs and annual fees is standard to organisation dependent on the number of employees / annual turnover.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about the Quality Mark Scheme.