"As a business McEwan Wallace is proud of their history of helping provide professional help and advice to the third sector.

We received the CSR award back in 2012 at the Wirral Chamber awards and we are also involved in ProHelp, which offers free professional help and advice to local community groups and voluntary organisations with issues that might otherwise hinder their work and projects. 

By achieving the Corporate Connections CSR quality mark in October this year, awarded to businesses demonstrating exceptional commitment to the local community and third sector, we are taking our corporate social responsibility one step further and hoping to encourage other businesses to follow suit.

This latest CSR quality mark helps to validate further our efforts and more importantly motivates us to continually improve our policies going forward.

We have had a presence in Wirral for over 100 years, so have a great affinity to the local area, we love our community and we want it, and the people within it, to thrive and prosper.  CSR can help make this happen. 

By supporting the third sector, in the amazing work they do, we can help them achieve more and in turn this impacts positively on our community.

The Corporate Connections team can help support us in making better decisions and in providing fresh and relevant ideas to expand our CSR efforts. We definitely have the enthusiasm to do more, so we expect to be even busier next year in making bigger and better CSR decisions.

CSR makes good business sense! Helping others will impact positively on your firm and your staff.  Clients want companies to be philanthropic and accountable and so do the staff you employ.

It doesn’t have to be about how much you donate and you don’t need a big ‘all singing all dancing’ formal CSR policy.  Start small – doing something small is better than doing nothing at all. 

Whatever your motivation, the question should be how will we get involved not shall we get involved.

Speak to Paul Growney at Wirral CVS about getting involved on 0151 647 5432 or contact me at McEwan Wallace: 0151 647 6681."